“My sessions with Maria are a blessing. I always feel a deep quiet at the end. Along the way, I experience release in my body and a gentle peace that grows. Sometimes I slip into a state between being awake and asleep that nourishes all of me. She has helped me with neck pain, lower back pain and a chronic elbow injury. The different skills she has, along with a gentle, caring nature, are what keep me coming back. Thank you, Maria!”

SL, chiropractor

“For over a year I received Therapeutic Touch treatment from Maria Arrington.  I was completely unfamiliar with the this type of healing.  Maria did an amazing job explaining the process and educating me on how it works.  I am an Iraq war veteran.  After returning home from war my neck and hip were in terrible condition.  I had my left hip operated on which left nerve damage and a constant numbing sensation.  I had lived with this nerve condition for a few years before I sought out help from Maria.  It was completely remarkable after only one session I started to gain some feeling back in my thigh and hip.  I called and discussed this with Maria, we decided to do a treatment session a few times per month, over the course of six months I regained all feeling back in my thigh and hip.  To me it was a true miracle, the healing touch that Maria preformed was remarkable.  I always found it remarkable that without any discussion Maria was able to target the source of pain.  Maria’s professional experience and her vast knowledge base in Therapeutic Touch is among the best.  After the completion of my hip treatment she was able to start working on my neck.  I had very limited mobility and through another round of treatment Maria significantly increased my mobility in my neck.  To all that read this testimonial I would highly recommend Maria Arrington.  She is a wonderful, kind and gentle person.  It is apparent that Maria’s passion is helping and healing others, she has a true compassion for all people.   Her ability to heal is amazing, I am a true believer in Maria and Therapeutic Touch and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to heal.”

JM, Financial Advisor

“Maria Arrington has been a valuable part of my healing team for 15 + years. Using her skill as a TT therapist she has helped me through serious intestinal illnesses as well as, numerous physical injuries incurred in my work as a hands-on landscape gardener. Her knowledge of the body and its workings and how she intuits what it needs has helped to keep me a vital, active person. I have always been so grateful to have her as part of my team through many serious challenges physical as well as spiritual.”


“Maria has done body work for me for over twenty years.  Her healing hands intuitively know what areas of my body are in need of attention and care.  With great sensitivity she has helped me overcome debilitating issues with fibromyalgia as well as those related to physical and emotional trauma. She has helped me find a path toward healing and health that has given me renewed hope and energy!”

DS, retail clerk

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