What is Intentional Creativity (IC)?

Intentional Creativity is simply creating with intention. It is a practice that has been in existence since mankind first painted images on cave walls and decorated clothing and tools with symbols and pictures.

With Intentional Creativity, and through the power of intention, inquiry, image, color, language and imagination, you will transform your old story into something much more vibrant and alive.

When we use the “lens” of creating with intention it amplifies the experience and the transformation that occurs for the one participating and creating. The most powerful and lasting transformation is one that is a lived experience.

Best of all, all materials are provided and no previous experience with art materials is required! It is easier than you think and more fun than you imagine.

IC can be applied to any content in a wide variety of ways and levels of intensity, as you can see in the following partial list of offerings. For a current list of classes being offered, contact Florance O’Neal at 406 257-0604.


Shorter Classes (2 – 6 hours)
Your Investment: $45 – $95

Release and Change: An Intentional Creativity journey into ourselves. With love and compassion, we will explore old limiting patterns that are holding us back, and create a NEW story that brings more freedom and more joy. We will write about it, paint about it and layer after layer we will begin to transform it… it will be easier and more fun than you ever imagined! (4 hrs $75)

House of the Heart: One of the biggest wounds we have is believing we don’t belong. This experience is about calling and creating a place of fierce belonging, letting go of the old story and creating YOUR own House of Belonging where your heart feels safe. (2.5 hrs $45)

Soul Story Cards: This experience is all about looking at our limiting beliefs and identifying the “medicine” that will take us beyond them. You will make and take home your own, customized deck of fun, powerful, affirming medicine cards to use as the antidote to your negative, limiting beliefs. (4 hrs $75)

Medicine Basket: Painting, drumming, visioning, writing and collage…. With love and compassion we will be discovering or reacquainting ourselves with the gifts we carry and the purpose they serve. We are going on a journey of discovery. You may not know what your Basket looks like right now or what is in it… But you will by the end of our time together! (3.5 hrs $65)

Longer Classes (2 Day: Friday 6-8, Saturday 10-4 or 3 Day: Fri, Sat, & Sun)
Your Investment: $175 – $275

The Beauty Myth: Uncoiling and unraveling the beauty myths we grew up with and entering a new space of sensuality in your mind, your body, and your spirit creating a new story–that is your definition of beauty for yourself, NOT what has been reflected in the eyes of others! We will explore our myths, stories and beliefs about our bodies, journal, and free ourselves through intention, image and language. (2 days-3 days $175-$275, big canvas)

Claiming Your Own True Self: A journey of reclaiming the parts of ourselves that were taken away or that we gave up in order to belong, to be good enough, to be loved. (3 days $275)

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