Your First Visit

For our initial consultation, we will talk about why you have come, and your goals and intentions for care. This time is to get clear and specific with what you want to attain for health and well-being.
Next, we will do an examination. This will include measurements, tests as well as a postural evaluation. This will provide the baseline to measure the improvement and change with your spine, body and health.

Then, you will receive your first care session. This will vary depending on what we have discovered, but will include the gentle contacts to begin the process of change in the spine and nervous system.

The first visit typically takes 45-60 minutes.

Your Second Visit

Our second visit will begin with a review of findings from the examination and posture evaluation on the first visit. We will talk about the current state of your spine and nervous system, and then discuss our expectations and intentions for meeting your health goals.

Next, you will receive your next care session, along with information about what to expect at the beginning of care.

Finally, you will find out when the next “Care For Life” meeting is. This essential meeting will provide extensive information about the processes that you will be experiencing in the course of your care.

This second visit typically takes 45 minutes.

To get started, call us at 406-257-7572

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