What conditions or symptoms do you work with?

While symptoms and conditions are addressed here, the focus is to optimize the way your nervous system functions through brain-body communication. Why? This ‘reorganizes’ the nervous system and creates the opportunity to truly heal rather than just make the symptoms less. See the “Curing vs Healing”, article.  By releasing tension areas in the spine and cueing the nervous system to release defense patterns, symptoms and conditions dissolve. As old defense patterns dissipate, new ways of relating to our self, our loved ones and the world around us emerge. Vital energy grows.

We have helped thousands of people experience relief or improvement in the following areas:

Physical Pain – Musculoskeletal and neurological conditions:
Injury of the spine: neck pain / back pain / whiplash injury / Sciatica
Radiating arm or leg pain or abnormal sensation
Injury of the limbs: shoulder / elbow / wrist / hip / knee / ankle / feet
Head injury: traumatic brain injury / ear pain / jaw pain, TMJ / tinnitus
Dizziness or vertigo
Strain Injury
Headache of various types

Psychological / Emotional conditions:
Panic / anxiety, abnormal nervousness
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Unusual stress that limits life expression or relationships

Digestive conditions:
Constipation / diarrhea / reflux / heartburn / bloating

Chronic Fatigue / low energy

Sleep difficulties

In addition to hands-on work, we will use nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle adjustments to maximize your healing process.

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