What is Vibrant Balance?

Walking quietly along the wooded trail, the shattered sunlight seeps through the trees and the smells of green and moist bark engulfs the senses. Out of sight, a creek gurgles over rocks, stretching into the rushing flow of the river below.

Vibrant Balance: we experience it in nature, in those moments when we are simply, quietly present, listening, hearing everything, and nothing in particular. There is an underlying happiness, a satisfied joy in the experience, without the need for anything to be different. There is fullness, appreciation, harmony, all beyond thought or labels.

Symptoms, pain, mental / emotional stress and other conditions can demand our attention, and prevent us from the joys of relationship, the freedom of easy, full movement in the body, and the vast pleasures of the senses, discovering and enlivening our environment. Dis-ease robs the vitality and wonder that our lives are otherwise naturally engaged in.

Vibrant Balance at the Wellness Resource Center is a way to recover wellbeing, and go past the limitations of old traumatic patterns. If not addressed, these patterns limit the full expression of our life and shape perspectives of fear, tension, contraction; in the body, in relation to self and relationship with others.

Our work will gently and effectively reestablish balance and the connection to natural ease and well-being. Patterns of protection are unfolded and released. With the shedding of defense and contraction, our experience of life starts to broaden and deepen. Breath comes more fully, movement more easily, stress and tension drop away as energy increases. Life looks different than it did–we begin to re-discover the richness of being human.

The body work is comfortable and relaxing. There is opportunity to discover foods and nutritional options that best support healthier physiology.  Working with movement, we will discover ways to stretch, open and strengthen this body that is our vehicle for navigating the world. All of this happens in the context of growing out of stuckness, past old limits and to living more connected… to our self, those near to us, and the greater community of life which we are part of.

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