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After graduating from chiropractic school, I opened a small clinic in Oregon. I had been well trained to find spinal problems and to treat them. I was determined, and so excited to be helping people with their health problems and had great success with most people and all the typical chiropractic conditions.

Soon I began to notice that some patients didn’t respond to treatment the way I expected. Even though most recovered as planned, it was those that didn’t that began to get more and more of my attention. As many of us, I was putting more focus on what wasn’t working, rather than all that was. I was determined to discover why some responded to treatment, and a few didn’t.

One day I was treating a woman with severe low back pain, and noticed the severe spasm in her back muscles. I touched her gently where the spasm was the worst and asked her what she noticed. She burst into tears as she described how her life was coming apart, both at home and work. After the session, her tension and pain had substantially released. It dawned on me how the impact of mental / emotional strain or injury could be held in the body. Before this I held the still common mis-perception that mind and body were separate.

I began looking for answers in body-mind medicine, an interest of mine as an undergraduate student in college, and started studying the current research. Soon I was immersed in CranioSacral Therapy, then Hakomi Therapy.

It became increasingly clear that the injuries, wounds and trauma that people have are far more complex and layered than what was ever taught at school… and for good reason. Burdening doctoral students with more than the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics, neurology, nutrition and all the other coursework was already overwhelming.

The field of bodymind health was poorly understood (as it continues to be) and the emphasis was still on the mechanical approach to treating people: the body was like a machine, and treatment was just complex mechanics. Unfortunately, the mainstream approach to health, healthcare and wellbeing is still stuck in the body-as-machine paradigm. The discoveries of quantum physics, and the emerging realities of biological function based on quantum mechanics are drastically changing the way doctors must see healthcare.

This reality revolutionizes our previous notion of body as distinct from mind. We use the term “bodymind” to bridge the gap, but it’s confusing and poorly descriptive of how we experience life.

I was still determined to do more with wellness. A colleague described me as a “life-long learner”. He was right.

After many years of learning and practicing, I am so grateful to be able to work with each client as an individual with their particular wounds, resources and motivations. From this starting point, a client can literally choose the level of change they wish to bring into their life; from simple pain relief to becoming the best version of themselves possible.

Now, I see the potential of injured clients being realized in a way that was only a dream when I first began practice, almost 30 years ago. I have the privilege to witness and participate with practice members as they go from trauma recovery to discovery of a richer and greater life. Coming to this way of working has brought me to the fulfillment of my dreams as a doctor and wellbeing coach. Truly, I am blessed!

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